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April is National Volunteer Month

National Volunteer month in the United States takes place in the month of April. This month is dedicated to honoring all of the volunteers in our communities as well as encouraging volunteerism throughout the month.

Volunteers come from all age groups and demographics. We have pre-school aged children and retirees, sports teams, groups of co-workers, church congregations and we even have court ordered volunteers. These committed volunteers are the backbone of our organization and give over 1,000 hours per month serving others.

One of the questions on our volunteer application is "How would you like to help?"

My favorite answer has been "I'll do anything you need, I just want to be more involved in my community"

There are many ways that you can serve the community at Woodland Action. Every Saturday morning around 10:30am we hold an orientation for new and returning volunteers where you can learn about the different programs we offer, who and how we serve our neighbors and get a tour of our 114 year old building.

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